from Gloopy!


Sweet Dreams…

New, from gloopy! It’s The Aquabats! Lil’ Bat Cartoon Player!
All of Lil’ Bat’s GREATEST HITS!!!

  • “Lil’ Bat Opens A Coconut!”
  • “Lil’ Bat Makes Breakfast!”
  • “Lil’ Bat Files His Taxes!”
  • “Lil’ Bat Destroys Priceless Antiques!”
  • “Lil’ Bat Visits Someone’s Mom!”
  • “Lil’ Bat Writes Comments On The Internet!”
  • “Lil’ Bat’s Arm Wrestling Special!”
  • “Lil’ Bat Humiliates A Shark!”
  • “Lil’ Bat Needs Antibiotics!”
  • “Lil’ Bat Gains Weight!”
  • “Lil’ Bat: The Reckoning!”
  • “Lil’ Bat Makes Mango Chutney!”
  • “Lil’ Bat Vs, Pablo?!”
  • “Lil’ Bat Humiliates Himself!”

…and many more!

Is your house infested with MUMMIES?
Then it’s time you turn to MUMMY SPRAY!
The only spray that keeps those annoying mummies miles away!
It’s back to the tomb you go! Bring Mummy Spray with you anywhere!

So remember!
Mummy Spray in every room-

Are your fun times being spoiled by bath time?
Until now, the ONLY way to get a dirt ring in the bathtub was by taking a bath- and that’s the worst thing EVER! Now there’s Ring In A Can!

Just spray the dirt ring around your tub and never take a bath again!

"Thanks, Ring In A Can!" - Some kids

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Dry skin? No problem! Now there’s Handi Gel!

All you have to do is dip your hands into the bag! And voila!
Dry goes bye-bye!

Clinically proven to relieve the following:

  • Itchiness!
  • Irritation!
  • Scraps?
  • Scabs!
  • Leprosy!
  • Mummification!
  • Shin Splints!
  • And eliminate Crime and Sadness all over the world!

"And it’s comfortable, too!" - A Satisfied Customer

Available at stores where other things are sold!

Do you have bad breath? Or get in trouble for chewing gum? Do you need help with your ventriloquist act? Try Harry Hider: The Pine Scented Hair Shield!

It covers bad breath! Hides that gum your chewing! And no one will see your lips move! Just pull off the tab- it’s easy to apply, and easy to hide! Now in more styles! Even buy one for mom!